Digital Enquirer Kit: Safeguarding Whistleblowers July 7th, 2022

Digital Enquirer Kit: Safeguarding Whistleblowers

A session both on how to stay safe when leaking information if you're a would-be whistleblower, and how to protect your sources if you're the one receiving leaked information.

  • Lecturer: Nikita Mazurov, Digital Enquirer Kit** co-author
  • Date and time: 7th July (Thursday), 14:00 CEST (UTC +2)

*This session may also offer French interpretation. Check back closer to the event for an update.

** The Digital Enquirer Kit is an e-learning course that guides learners on how to prevent the spread of misinformation, available on the free platform The course covers topics including media literacy, verification, and how to navigate the internet safely. This training series takes experts who co-wrote the course to provide lectures to the public based on adjacent and relevant topics.

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Location: online

July 7th, 2022
Begin: 14:00
End: 15:00
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